Hello, I’m Jon

I’m a software engineer with roots in design. I enjoy breaking things apart and figuring out how they work before building my own versions. A tinkerer.

Currently, I’m helping to transform the educational experience of schoolchildren across the UK and DACH.

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What I've been up to

Full Stack Engineer

Seneca Learning

08/22 - now

Helping to build a satisfying educational experience. TypeScript throughout. React, Redux, Serverless Node with AWS (Lambda, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, S3), GraphQL and more. Dabbling in Golang.

Computer Science BSc

Queen Mary University of London

09/19 - 07/22

Graduated with First Class Honours. Collaborated with FDM Group on a Software Engineering group project.



09/17 - 07/19

Provided services in branding consultancy, and advertising graphics. Worked with businesses and individuals across the globe to create cohesive designs from ideas.

Software Engineer Intern



Contributed to production code via a reusable React component library, with testing in Jest. Analysed flight data using Python to create insights on how consumers used the platform.

Things I’ve made

The site you're using right now.

A graph based approach to naively summarising long bodies of text, inspired by TextRank.

A lightweight CLI to do list manager that can be stored with source code, written in Rust.

My old (very overengineered) portfolio.

A tool for generating similar anime recommendations based on an inputted title.

An MDX microblog to post my thoughts on software, hobbies and everything in between.

My solutions for the 2020 edition of Advent of Code, written in Python.

A sudoku solver using a backtracking algorithm, with visualisation.